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The period, the mid-70s to mid-80s, was the decade Health Magazines last featured regularly periodically in Nigeria. Then one after the other, for different reasons, they disappeared; and with them, adequate properly peer-reviewed Health information for the unwary Public.

Dr. Diran Ajayi was an active participant in the Health information boom of that decade serving as the Features Correspondent in top of the range Pulse Health Magazine where he also held a regular Medical Fiction column “DOKITA”.

Dr. Diran Ajayi investigated the African Pharmacopoeia efforts of the then University of Ife Faculty of Pharmacy under Professor V. O. Marquis and interviewed the Faculty’s unusual “Consultant Herbalist” Baba Elewude. Dr. Diran Ajayi produced a Feature write up on the Nigerian Veterinary Research Institute, NVRI, and had on-site interviews with their Researchers at Vom, Plateau State of Nigeria thereabouts 1979/80. All these as a Medical Student!

Now I have been a Medical Practitioner for over 35 years! I could only have improved.

Excelth Health Magazine is, therefore, a bold return of proper health knowledge, beautifully made more readable and socially attractive by expanding its scope into the fuller definition of Health: “not just absence of disease but a complete state of physical, mental, social, emotional psychological and spiritual wellbeing”

Certainly, there will be something for everyone of every age, gender and leaning in Excelth Health Magazine.

The Regular Columns will include Male Health Care, Female Health Care, Child Health Care, Safety and Accident Prevention Care, Vehicle Health Care, Economic Health Care and for relaxation, Laughter the Best Medicine and a readable fast reader 10-minutes-over Medical story.

Apart from a topical Focus for each Edition, there will also be a Public Free Consultation page.

Excelth Health Magazine has hit the stands since September 2017 and it comes out monthly in the last week of the preceding month. This makes each edition “new” for an extra week before the month of Edition and will also increase the re-read rate to the full benefit of Advertisers apart from the usual excellently high re-read rates of magazines that are not solely for current news. Health information has exceedingly long expiry dates!

Our Panel of Correspondents and their International and Vocational spread is a testimony to our decision to make Excelth Health Magazine a Magazine like no other you have ever come across.
We solicit your Adverts especially at this initial stage where best incentives are on offer… so you don’t need to pay much more when (not if) we become exceedingly sought-after stars, much sooner than later. Such is the confidence and passion in our offices that we are convinced by the Grace of God, we can only succeed…and that, exceedingly.

Diran Ajayi

Excelth Health Magazine

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